History of Company


Established in Hongkong since 1970, started on devoting itself in trading machine tools, abrasive equitments and components, cutting tools and accessories.


Cooperated with Guangdong Power Press Machine Limited. By introducing larruping technology to the plant, the power press and hydraulic press machines produced was significant salable to the world market.


The company changed its name to Wing Hung Machinery Limited,and business extend to Southeast Asia.


In order to cater for the immigration of Hongkong industries to China,Wing Hung Machinery Limited Shenzhen Representative Office was established in Song Gang Industrial Area, Shenzhen, Guangdong.


Along with the rapid growth of China industry, Wing Hung dedicated to develop the inland business, and assist European famous machine tool producer Nicolas Correa, S.A.open up China market.


Assist Nicolas Correa successfully lauch industrial project in Kun ming, Yunnan province.


In order to better expand oversea business, the new subsidiary in Shenzhen has been moved to Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone.

Today, Wing Hung's business activity covers all over the world. We committed to contribute to the enhancement of any production equipment and technology for different manufacturers.

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